Jacqui Goddard and Richard Luscombe are British journalists who have been based in Miami, Florida, since August 2002, providing news, features and sports coverage for a wide variety of media outlets around the world.


Jacqui has worked as a foreign correspondent for many of Britain’s national newspapers and other publications worldwide and is a former foreign editor of the Daily Express and Sunday Express of London. She has reported on many of America’s biggest news stories since 2002, including being the only British newspaper journalist in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005.

She has previously reported from countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Haiti, and now covers events in Florida, the wider US, the Caribbean and South and Central America. Her dispatches from the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding states have provided on-the-ground insight and context to the BP oil spill, America’s biggest ever environmental disaster. She has also travelled to the rural areas of Haiti to cover the misery of the post-earthquake cholera outbreak and Venezuela for the death and funeral of Hugo Chavez and the controversial presidential election that followed.


Richard worked on the staff of the London Daily Telegraph, where he spent almost 10 years furthering his passion for sports and sports journalism. He is now an accomplished news reporter whose articles from the US have appeared in many respected media outlets in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

His proximity to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral has allowed him to cover extensively the space shuttle’s return to flight following the 2003 Columbia disaster and subsequent retirement of the shuttle fleet in 2011. He has also reported on other stories of international interest such as the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the Bob Woolmer ‘murder’ case in Jamaica, the mystery of missing British canoe man John Darwin and an investigation from inside the Arctic Circle into Alaska’s disappearing polar bears.

In 2013 he covered the much-watched trial in Sanford, Florida, of George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood watch leader whose killing of an unarmed black teenager sparked national debates over race, civil rights and gun laws.



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