Jacqui Goddard and Richard Luscombe are British journalists who have been based in Miami, Florida, since August 2002, providing news, features and sports coverage for media outlets around the world.


Jacqui has worked as a foreign correspondent for many of Britain’s national newspapers and other publications worldwide and is a former foreign editor of the Daily Express and Sunday Express of London.

She has reported on many of America’s biggest news stories of the last 20 years, covering everything from presidential elections to devastating hurricanes, and providing an insightful voice to the important issues of the day: gun violence and mass shootings; natural disasters and oil spills; and the vibrant renaissance under way on Florida’s space coast involving NASA and the emerging private space industry dominated by SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Origin.

She has previously reported on major stories taking place in Iran, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Jamaica and Haiti, and now covers events in Florida, the wider US, the Caribbean and South and Central America.


Richard worked on the staff of the London Daily Telegraph for 10 years and is now an accomplished news reporter whose articles from the US have appeared in many respected media outlets in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

His proximity to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral allowed him to cover extensively the final years of the 30-year space shuttle programme until its retirement in 2011, and the ongoing efforts by Nasa and private enterprise to resume flying humans into orbit from US soil.

He has also reported on the darker side of US society including the mass shootings in Florida at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland. He helped cover the 2020 presidential election for The Guardian from both a national and Florida aspect, and will continue to cover many of the political events and issues in the nation’s most significant swing state. 


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