Month: November 2017

  • An avoidable tragedy

    14 elderly residents of a Florida nursing home died in sweltering heat after Hurricane Irma knocked out power and air conditioning in September. Erika Navarro lost two grandparents. In this moving interview, she shares the pain of the loss and why her family are so intent on seeking justice.  

  • Dispelling the magic

    Director Sean Baker’s much acclaimed and gritty movie The Florida Project, a look at the lives of the “hidden homeless” inhabiting the cheap and gaudy motels on the pathway to Disney World, opens in the UK this weekend. It is well worth a look. Here’s what we wrote about it last month.  

  • Secrets of the Deep: Blue Planet 2

    They are among the deep ocean’s most bizarre phenomena – forbidding kill-zones created over the course of millions of years where only the most foolhardy of creatures dare to venture. Now astonishing footage shot by a crew from the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 thousands of feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico has captured the…