Month: January 2014

  • Just a few flakes…

    City leaders in Atlanta found themselves under fire for their response to a major ice storm that swept across southern states and left many thousands, including numerous schoolkids, stranded overnight. As forecasters point out, it’s not like they didn’t know it was coming.

  • Ice, ice baby (part II)

    From my vantage point in Miami (86F today) I take a look at the big chill, the second in weeks, covering most of the rest of the country. Days like these make me glad to be in sub-tropical South Florida!

  • It’s magic: the new Harry Potter theme park

    Jacqui took a look at a coming attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando. Harry Potter fans rejoice! Jacqui Goddard January 25 2014 With the arrival of Diagon Alley, Universal Studios in Orlando is expanding its tribute to JK Rowling’s child wizard As a Muggle, I shouldn’t be able to see Diagon Alley, the fictional London…

  • Radel regrets

    No good ever comes of cocaine use. Especially when you’re a politician that once voted for the mandatory drugs testing of food stamp recipients.

  • The Telegraph’s brave new world?

    During my 11 years as a staff journalist at The Daily Telegraph, a period which ended in 2001 with voluntary redundancy just as newspapers were beginning the first wave of the seemingly endless cutbacks that have acted as a wrecking ball to the industry, I lost count of the numerous relaunches, new directions, new initiatives…

  • Moving on up

    Congratulations to our good friend and Jacqui’s former deputy at the Express Tim Shipman, who has just been named political editor of The Sunday Times. He’s a wonderful journalist and we’re sure he’ll excel in his new role.

  • Texting and guns, never a good mix

    How a confrontation in a Florida cinema between a retired cop and a man texting on his mobile phone turned deadly. There are no winners here, a 71-year-old possibly heading to jail for the rest of his life.